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Hypernova Tech creates joyful games for you. In order to design and produce better games for improving your gaming adventure we collect some information from our players. Being transparent to our players is extremely important for Hypernova Tech. So, you should know that this privacy policy applies when players (you) use our services.

Please read it and if you have any question about it please contact us by sending an email to


This privacy policy was executed between Hypernova Tech A.S. (from now on can be called as "Hypernova","us", "we","our", "company") and you (from now on can be called as "you", "player") for providing information about collection, transferring and processing data provided by you during your interaction with our services.

When you use our services (playing games or any other interaction) Hypernova collects information about you in accordance with the current technical infrastructure. You accept, acknowledge and promise that your personal information and data might be used in limited manner by Hypernova and/or through Hypernova to the extent that it is limited to the format and purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. Every type of information related to an identified or identifiable natural person will be accepted as personal data. 


Your personal info and data are  being collected automatically whenever you download a game, play a game, watch a third party advertisement, watch a video or interact with Hypernova advertisement on any kind of media. In a BroadSense, we collect information to improve you gaming adventure such as your device info and type and personel info (name, gender, age, IP dress, Date, Time, interaction data with the game, geography). This data might be shared with business partners for the same purpose which is to improve gaming immersion, quality and service. 


All of this data are collected within the framework of legal legislation.

We Collect data

Hypernova might collect your personal information and the activities taken place while you are playing a Hypernova game in order to provide better service to you, to make suggestions, to improve its services, to improve and update our Games, to facilitate the use of Games at the works related to your interest and preferences, within the framework of legal legislation.


When you download and/or play the Games via Platforms (Apple App Store, Google Play App Store etc) , Hypernova collects certain personal data from you and/or your device. In this regard, Hypernova collects your advertising ID (IDFA for IOS devices and GAID for Android devices), other device identifiers (IDFV for IOS devices), device identifier, operating system, model, producer information, hardware type, operating system version, memory usage, country, time zone and preferred language information, internet protocol (IP) number, location information according to your IP address, operator and browser information, information about properties of mobile application through which a consumer interacts with the Games, data regarding your in-game interactions (the time you spent while playing our games, your in-game expenses, level information, the amount of time for watching advertisements, the advertisements watched) and time of installation and first opening of the application.


Please be informed that by paying a fee, you can play our games without any advertisement.


Hypernova, never collects your financial data such as your Credit Card info, Bank account info etc since all the fee payments in our games are handled by third party trusted payment platforms.

During Game Play

Support Data

Third Parties

Children Data

In any case, if you get in touch with Hypernova for support purposes (ask for support, make comments, successions etc) your name and email are saved for request return.

If the personal data provided to Hypernova by you is requested by official institutions/organizations as necessitated by the law, the data may be transmitted to the relevant authorities and courts if requested by the courts.

Hypernova  business partners or service providers can use server log files, cookies, pixel labels, web beacons or other tracking tools in our Games. Our advertisement business partners and analytics service providers can collect data regarding your IP address your advertising identifier (IDFA for IOS devices and GAID for Android devices), other device identifiers (IDFV for IOS devices), cookie identifiers, advertisement ID, your mobile device’s type, operating system, version, model, hardware type, other device identifiers that are automatically determined for your device when you connect to the internet, web browser information, websites you visited, connections you have within the Games and your preferences about the visited websites by using the stated technologies. The list below (this list is comprehensive but may not include all, so please check yourself if there is a missing 3rd party you may interact other than these ) gives the privacy policies of the third parties

we are working with

  • Analytics services

  • Game server platforms

  • Mobils device OS and other service platforms

  • Advertisement business partners

  • App stores

  • Cloud computing services

  • Social media applications (Facebook, Instagram etc) 

Hypernova never knowingly or willingly collects any personal data concerning children under 16 years of age.

The Legal Ground

The following are the legal grounds that we have based our reasoning for processing your data :


  • Explicit consent and/or your reques

  • In cases where it is necessary to disclose such information in accordance with applicable laws or regulations or a court judgment or administrative order issued

  • Being necessary for the establishment and execution of an agreement

  • Being necessary for HyperNova to fulfil its legal obligations as a data controller

  • Being necessary for the establishment, exercise and protection of any right


If your data is processed based on your explicit consent, you have the right to cancel your approvement at any time


Hypernova will try its best to keep the your data and any confidential information strictly private and confidential and will  take all measures and acts to prevent all or any part of your information from entering into the public domain or be subject to unauthorized use, or to take measures to prevent the confidential information from disclosure to any third party. If, despite all necessary data security measures taken by Hypernova, the confidential information is damaged as a result of attacks on the system or captured by third parties, Hypernova shall have no responsibility with that respect.


 If you share your name, password, etc. used by you when creating the membership record with third parties, the Hypernova shall not be responsible for any damages that may arise from the information shared with third parties.

Your Rights

According to the relevant legislation, you have the right to :

  • If there is a mistake in your personal data you can always request for correction

  • Learn whether or not your personal data is being processed

  • Request restrictions, completely or partially, for data processing activities

  • Deletion of your data

  • Learn where or with which third parties your personal data were shared

  • Learn for what purposes your personal data in being used

  • Immediately stop processing in case you incur any damage due to the unlawful processing of personal data.,


You can submit all your claims and questions with respect to such rights to and we will answer you ASAP.

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Hypernova Technology and Gaming Company

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